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Caja sorpresa de dulces japoneses. Japan Cady Box. Japanese sweet-box. Japan Cady Box

   No me dejan de sorprender, empresas como la que os voy a enseñar hoy. todos conocemos las cajas mensuales, en todos los países existen y hay de mascotas, alimentos, cosméticos... Pero la caja que he encontrado es de dulces, galletas, pasteles y caramelos de Japón. Se llama Japan Candy Box.
   Do not let me wonder, companies like that I'll show you today. we all know the monthly boxes, in all countries and there are pet food, cosmetics ... But the box I found is candy, cookies, cakes and candies Japan. It's called Japan Candy Box.

    Todos tenemos en nuestros países cosas curiosas, pero cuando he visto las fotografías de los productos de estas cajas me han parecido super curiosos y sin duda fantásticos.
   We all have things in our countries curious, but when I saw the pictures of the products of these cases I have seemed curious and certainly super-fantastic.

    Lo interesante de esta caja mensual Japan Candy Box, además de sus productos, es que la envían de forma internacional, a cualquier país del mundo. 
   Se puede hacer suscripción de 1 mes o 3 meses por 19,90 el mes, 6 meses por 18, 90 el mes o 12 meses por 18,20 dolares el mes. 
   Los gastos de envío son gratuitos.
   Para ver mas detalles de las suscripciones hacer clik AQUI.
  The interesting thing about this monthly cash Candy Box Japan, in addition to its products, is that the ship internationally, to anywhere in the world.
    Subscription can be made 1 month or 3 months 19,90 month, six months for 18, 90 month or 12 months for 18.20 dollars a month.
    Shipping costs are free.
    To see more details of the subscription just clicking here.

Subscribe Now

Japan Candy Box is the sweetest monthly Japanese candy subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked quirky Japanese sweets directly to your home every month.
♥  Free shipping worldwide
♥  100% Safe & Secure payments
Subscribing to the Japan Candy Box is 100% safe. All payments are processed through a secure connection and you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Your box will be shipped at the end of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 8-10 delicious, special and quirky Japanese candies and snacks. Try and subscribe today!

   Si os parece bien vamos a ver, algunas de las cajas de meses anteriores, será la mejor manera para ver y valorar esta cajita mensual.


Japan Candy Box – February 2015

These 10 sweet and delicious candies and snacks were included in the February box.
Included this February was not one, but two Rilakkuma snacks! The Rilakkuma Rice Crackers are a bit salty and shaped like Rilakkumas. The Rilakkuma Butter Flavor Biscuit Sticks are just like Pocky sticks, but without the sweet frosting. Instead they are covered with delicious butter.
With the Moko Awa Bubble DIY Shake Drink your own shake. The Korean Pepero sticks are like Pocky, but hugely popular in Korea. Meiji’s Pucca cookies are filled with soft and tasty chocolate.  So yummy!
Here is a full list of items included in the February Japan Candy Box:
  • Yaokin Sour Paper Candy
  • Lotte Pokemon Ramune Fizzy Candy
  • Rilakkuma Rice Crackers
  • Pandaro Butter Cookie
  • Bourbon Petit Cookies
  • Lotte Pepero Chocolate Biscuit Sticks
  • Meiji Pucca Filled Biscuits  
  • Fujiya LOOK Bitter Ganache Milk Chocolates
  • Kabaya Rilakkuma Butter Flavor Biscuit Sticks
  • Moko Awa Bubble DIY Shake Drink

Butter Flavor Biscuit Sticks from our favorite lazy bear.

Lotte’s Pepero Chocolate Biscuit Sticks are Korea’s answer to the world famous Pocky sticks. Equally yummy! Meiji’s Pucca biscuits are filled with soft and tasty strawberry chocolate.

Enjoy these crunchy rice crackers! They are slightly salty and shaped like Rilakkuma!

Pucca filled biscuits come in several different sea life shapes!

Each Pandaro Butter Cookie features a different panda face.

Soda flavored Pokemon Fizzy Candies are a must try for all Pokemon fans!
Japan Candy Box is the sweetest monthly Japanese candy subscription box. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with 8-10 hand-picked quirky candies and snacks from Japan, delivered directly to your home every month.

Japan Candy Box – March 2015

Japan Candy Box for March featured this sweet and pink assortment of candies and snacks.
The March box featured many cute candies and lots of pink packages! Everything from soda candies you can whistle with to cat paw shaped Nikukyu Peach Gummies. Try the special Watapachi candy floss that has been embedded with loud fizzy pop rocks. Our favorite cat Hello Kitty is also featured in the cute ribbon shaped gummies. Which one was your favorite?
Here is a full list of items included in the March Japan Candy Box:
  • Meiji Green Tea Flavor Meltykiss Chocolates
  • Lotte Pokemon Ramune Fizzy Candy
  • Meiji Watapachi Popping Candy Floss
  • Glico Mini Strawberry Cone Stick
  • Marukawa Grapefruit Mable Gum
  • Bourbon France Butter Flavor Petit Cookies
  • Tohato Caramel Corn
  • Kabaya Hello Kitty Ribbon Gummy Candy
  • Coris Ramune Whistle Candy
  • Senjaku Nikukyu Peach Gummies

Meltykiss chocolate cubes are so soft that they are available only during the cool winter months. These delicacies are filled with green tea flavored filling.

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary with these juicy candies! They are shaped like the bow Hello Kitty wears on her ear and have two rich, fruity flavors: apple and peach.

These Whistle Candies taste like strawberry Ramune soda and they can make a loud whistle when you blow air through the small hole.

Watapachi is grape flavoured candy floss that has been embedded with loud fizzy pop rocks, making it one of the most special Japanese sweets.

Nikukyu is the Japanese term for the padding on a neko’s paw. These sweet peach flavored gummies are shaped just like a little cat paw.

Glico Mini Strawberry Cone Sticks feature a crispy outer cone and soft and fluffy center. Like eating ice cream!

Japan Candy Box – June 2015

Japan Candy Box for June included these 10 awesome sweets and snacks.
To avoid meltdowns we did not include any chocolates during the hot summer months, but June box included so many awesome candies to choose from. The fan favorite in June must have been the Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land DIY Kit. Another snack you may have not tasted before is Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels. Here is a full list of items included in the June Japan Candy Box:
  • Kabaya Fish / Frog Gummies
  • Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land DIY Kit
  • Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels
  • Meiji Petit Bubblegum
  • Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy
  • Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum
  • Yaokin Sour Paper Candy
  • Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake
  • Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates
  • Lotte Koala March Biscuits

With Popin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land DIY Kit you can create colorful animals and other characters from delicious candy material.

These tasty and crunchy Pokemon biscuit sticks are covered in a layer of white cream and sprinkled with crunchy biscuit crumbles which combined together make a truly delicious snack.

Lotte’s Koala March biscuits are very popular all over Asia. Enjoy the crunchy biscuit shell filled with lip-smacking chocolate filling while looking at each little koala’s cute activities.

Puccho fruit and yoghurt candies include delicious gummy pieces and real fruit juice. The secret to success of Puccho is that each soft and milky candy piece is embedded with chewy fruit gummy bits.

Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates packs are small and handy to keep with you.

Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gums are delicious and fruit flavored.

Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake is a traditional and popular Japanese sweet snack and dessert.

Yaokin Sour Paper Candy is a super thin slice of sour candy. Meiji Petit Bubblegum box includes many small bubble gum pellets. The pieces are small, but by taking several pieces you can make large bubbles!

Kabaya Fish and Frog Gummies actually show and teach how the frog or fish grows up from the egg to the adult!

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  2. no he probado nunca esos dulces, pero me encantaría, lo malo que como esta en ingles no he pillado mucho. Pero me gustaría probarlos, rico ricos

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    Me encantaría probar todos los productos!!
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