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Kawaii Box traídas desde Japón. Box kawaii brought from Japan.

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box    Si eres aficionada a las cosa monas prepárate porque estas cajas vienen con lo más mono que podrías encontrar en Japón. 
   Son cajas mensuales, se pueden contratar de 1, 2, 3 meses o más. Y cada mes de mandan a casa una cajita sorpresa cargada cositas preciosas. Llevaros, chuches, muñecos... ufff que preciosidad de caja. Y se envía a cualquier país.

   If you are fond of cute things ready because these boxes come with monkey as you would find in Japan.
    They are monthly boxes can be hired for 1, 2, 3 months or more. And every month to send home a surprise box loaded precious stuff. Take you, sweets, dolls ... phew that gorgeous box. And it is sent to any country.

    Cuando lo veas si te gusta y quieres más información, de como conseguir tu caja solo tienes que hacer un clic AQUI.
   When you see if you like it and want more information on how to get your box just have to make a click HERE.

Subscribe Now

Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month.
♥  Free shipping worldwide
♥  All items are 100% original & licensed
♥  100% Safe & Secure payments
Subscribing to the Kawaii Box is 100% safe. All payments are processed through a secure connection. The box will be shipped in the end of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items. Try and subscribe today!

    Vamos a ver algunas de las mejores cajas mensuales y su contenido.

Kawaii Box - June 2015
The June Kawaii Box included these 12 super cute products.
Can you handle all the cuteness that June Kawaii Box contained? Sit down, relax and take a deep sip of the Kracie Neruneru do-it-yourself Bubble Jelly. So sweet! Here is a full list of items included in the May Kawaii Box:
  • Korean Cute Guys Stationery Set
  • Kawaii Bean Mini Plush
  • Hello Kitty Pen
  • Alpaca Bag Charm
  • Ice Cream Stickers
  • Korean Nail Art Set
  • Smiling Poop Sharpener
  • Strawberry Squishy Charm
  • Cute Animals Pill Box
  • Sushi Pluggy Charm
  • Animal Sticky Notes
  • Kracie Neruneru Bubble Jelly DIY Candy
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ This Korean Nail Art Set includes everything you need to kawaii-fy your nails!
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ This Korean Cute Guys stationery set includes all the essentials for school or office. The kawaii Alpaca bag charm is perfect for making your bag cuter in a snap.
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ The Ice Cream sticker sheet includes many different ice cream and dessert themed stickers.
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ This do-it-yourself Bubble Jelly kit is a fun and easy way to make your own foam Neruneru jelly!
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ The kawaii Smiling Poop sharpener is the cutest… and even keeps your pencils sharp!
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ This Cute Animals Pill Box can be used for so many things! Use it not only to keep your medicine organized, but also for storing small jewelry or candy
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ Kawaii Bean Mini Plush can be attached to hang from almost anywhere from it’s removable strap.
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ The Hello Kitty pen is decorated with cute polka dots and a Hello Kitty pendant. Animal Sticky Notes feature different cute animals and are perfect for all kinds of daily memos.
Kawaii Box - June 2015
▲ Decorate your phone or bag with these delicious strawberry charms! The strawberries are dipped in different chocolates and sprinkled with colorful sprinkles! The Sushi Pluggy Charm will kawaii up your mobile phone instantly.

Kawaii Box - May 2015
These 12 cute & kawaii products were included in the May Kawaii Box.
So many Alpaca items in the May box! It’s almost too cute! Included were a stylish Alpaca Card Holder, Alpaca Stickers and Alpaca Eraser.
Okitoki Notebook Set is perfect for keeping with you on the go. Use the attached pen or the cute Panda Color Ink Pen.
Meiji Petit Bubblegums are packed in a handy box. The small pellets are super delicious. Eat as many as you want! The Doughnut Squishy Charm looks and smells delicious, but don’t eat it. Harajuku Crepe Charm looks just like a miniature version of the famous crepes you can find from the Harajuku area in Tokyo. Do not eat it either.
Here is a full list of items included in the May Kawaii Box:
  • Okitoki Notebook Set
  • Alpaca Stickers
  • Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set
  • Alpaca Eraser
  • Harajuku Crepe Charm
  • Alpaca Card Holder
  • Chocolate Bar Mirror & Comb
  • Kawaii Banana Mini Plush
  • Doughnut Squishy Charm
  • Meiji Petit Bubblegum
  • Panda Color Ink Pen
  • Neon Bow Hair Band
Kawaii Box - May 2015
Store you travel or access cards in this Alpaca Card Holder and attach it to your bag. Super stylish and cute!
Kawaii Box - May 2015
The happy and smiling Kawaii Banana Mini Plush is so soft and cute. It includes a handy string so you can hang it almost anywhere.
Kawaii Box - May 2015
Meiji Petit Bubblegums are packed in a handy box. The small pellets are super delicious. Eat as many as you want!
Kawaii Box - May 2015
Write small letters to your friends with this miniature Rilakkuma letter set.
Kawaii Box - May 2015
Kawaii-fy your hair with this Neon Bow Hair Band and Chocolate Bar Mirror & Comb. Easy to take everywhere!
Kawaii Box - May 2015
This Alpaca sticker sheet includes many different Alpacas doing different things. So soft and adorable!
Kawaii Box - May 2015
The Doughnut Squishy Charm looks and smells delicious. Harajuku Crepe Charm looks just like a miniature version of the famous crepes you can find from the Harajuku area in Tokyo.
Kawaii Box - May 2015
The Alpaca eraser brings joy to your office or school days. Each of the Panda Color Ink Pens have different color ink. Which color did you receive?

These 12 awesomely cute items were included in the March Kawaii Box.
It’s March and the winter is over (sorry southern hemisphere)! The March box included another cute selection of kawaii items. Sumikko Gurashi is a new series from San-X and the cute sticker sheet includes lots of small Sumikko Gurashi stickers. Another fan favourite was the delicious Mikan Orange Hi-Chew Chewy Candy. They feel like chewing gum, but get softer and softer after chewing a while. Store your travel or access key card in the Diamond Card Case and hang the Kawaii Fruit Mini Plush from your bag! So much cuteness! Here is a full list of items included in the March Kawaii Box:
  • Sumikko Gurashi Stickers
  • Kawaii Fruit Mini Plushie
  • Mikan Orange Hi-Chew Chewy Candy
  • Cross Stitch Deco Tape
  • Kawaii Envelope Set
  • Lace Deco Stickers
  • Diamond Card Case
  • Candy Nail Clipper
  • Bunny Ears Hair Clip
  • Piyo Mini It Note Stickers
  • Kawaii Mood Pen
  • Cutie Badge
You can hang the Kawaii Fruit Mini Plushie to your bag or keys. The Cutie Badge will kawaii-fy almost any piece of clothing.
San-X’s cute Sumikko Gurashi characters featured in this sticker sheet are very shy and love hiding in the corners where they feel safe. The Lace Deco stickers peeking from the background are perfect for decorating glass and all kinds of “hard items”. You can use them on cups, mugs, storage boxes etc.
Mikan Orange Hi-Chew Chewy Candy is a special edition and includes real Japanese Mikan Oranges!
Kawaii-fy your note-keeping with these mini animal shaped note stickers! The pages are perfect for short notes you can stick everywhere! You can also use them to mark books and magazines!
The Bunny Ears Hair Clip is a perfect addition for every Kawaii Style! Keep the Candy Nail Clipper with you in your cosmetics bag and store your important cards in the Diamond Card Case.
The Cross Stitch Deco Tape is made from paper, and meant for decorating notebooks, cards or other paper-made items. The cute Kawaii Mood Pen seen on teh background comes in several different moods. Which one did you get?

These 12 sweet kawaii products were included in the February Kawaii Box.
The biggest fan favorites of this month were the Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY Candy and the sleepy Red Panda Plushie. For the first time ever we also included chopsticks, decorated with cute pandas. Time to practice those chopstick skills! If you are doing any traveling soon, remember to attach the Diamond Travel Tag to your bag and you can be sure it stands out from the sea of Samsonites. Nothing finalizes your kawaii style like the cute Pastel Cube Bracelet and sparkling Lollipop Hairclip. Sweet! Here is a full list of items included in the February Kawaii Box:
  • Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY Candy
  • Red Panda Mini Plushie
  • Apollo Chocolate Charm
  • Nostalgic Sticker Set
  • Sweet Pastel Cube Bracelet
  • Glitter Lollipop Hair Clip
  • Hello Kitty Eraser
  • Diamond Travel Tag
  • Panda Chopsticks
  • Bear Cupcake Pencil
  • Green Tea Kit Kat
  • Universe Pencil Case
This sleepy Red Panda Plushie is perfect when attached to your bag or phone. The Pastel Cube Bracelet and Lollipop Hairclip will kawaii-fy any style!
Store the Hello Kitty eraser and Bear Cupcake Pencil in the Universe Pencil Case! Which aphorism was featured on your pencil case?
Apollo chocolates are some of the most famous Japanese sweets. This Apollo Chocolate Charm is just like the real treats. Try to resist from taking a bit!
Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY Candy is a fun way of doing something that is already fun…. eating candy!
Decorate birthday cards, gifts or just about anything else with these stylish metallic Nostalgic Sticker Set!
Have you ever tasted the special Japanese Kit Kats? These green tea flavored kit kats are so yummy!

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    Me encantan las cositas así!!
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